Ligue pour la Protection des Oiseaux (LPO)
– UK branch

Subscription Rates for UK Residents (2018)

Individual membership of LPO 23.00€
Individual membership plus subscription to L'Oiseau Magazine 44.60€
Individual membership plus subscription to Ornithos 62.00€
Individual membership plus subscription to Ornithos & L'Oiseau Magazine 83.60€
Subscription to L'Oiseau Magazine at non-member rate 25.60€
Subscription to Ornithos at non-member rate 44.00€
Family membership of LPO 32.00€
Family membership plus subscription to L'Oiseau Magazine 53.60€

Note that these rates include the cost of postage of the magazines to the UK. This cost may be shown separately on the renewal forms that come to existing members direct from the LPO in France.

Note also that there is an optional annual supplement to L'Oiseau Magazine entitled "Rapaces de France" devoted to birds of prey and their conservation. This costs subscribers to L'Oiseau Magazine an extra 4.50 € to the rates tabulated above.

It is now in principle possible to pay directly on-line, using a UK credit or debit card, by going to the LPO's main website ( and choosing 'Mon Espace LPO' on the home page. Existing members will be able to become registered via 'Je suis déjà inscrit' as long as they have a note of their LPO membership number which should appear on correspondence from the LPO. Those wishing to join from scratch need to click on 'Je veux adhérer' and follow the instructions. The questions that need answering are in French, of course, but are along the lines of those used when making any purchases on-line (e.g. via Amazon). However, there have been problems with this system for those living outside of France, although hopefully in due course they will be fixed.

Alternatively, please get in touch with Ken Hall (contact details below) who can securely pass on your details to the LPO, and also make enquiries if any problems should arise at any stage.

Because bank charges are so high and exchange rates fluctuate, payment via credit/debit card is much the preferred option, rather than in sterling. Those wishing to pay in sterling should contact Ken Hall to discuss the best way to proceed with this. Of course, if you have a euro account (which many French home-owners will have), then there is no problem with cheques drawn on that.


If you are resident in the UK, and want more details of the LPO, wish to subscribe, or have any enquiries about an existing subscription, please contact contact Ken Hall by e-mail on:

or write to:

Ken Hall, LPO (UK), 5 Chapel Close, Chew Stoke, Bristol BS40 8XX.
Tel: (+44) (0)1275-332980

Those elsewhere should contact the LPO at their headquarters in France:

LPO, Fonderies Royales, BP 90263, 17305 ROCHEFORT CEDEX, FRANCE
Tel: (+33) (0)5 46 82 12 34;
Fax (+33) (0)5 46 83 95 86

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